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Lash Perfect Semi Permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering synthetic individual lashes to your own eyelashes using medical grade adhesive. Light, comfortable, natural and available in various curls, lengths and thicknesses to suit your individual taste.

See below the advance lash techniques we specialise in, at Mark Stacey.


Tahitian Feathering Technique

Applying multiple fine lashes to each natural lash using various lengths along the hair shaft to give a light natural feathering effect. Adding lots of volume to the client’s natural lashes whilst keeping a soft and delicate look.

£79.00 full set

£38.00 Infill


Russian Layering Technique

This multi lash fan technique involves applying multiple ultra-fine lashes. Clients can achievea fuller natural look or you can choose a high impact glamorous look. Beneficial to those clients who have sparse eyelashes as this technique gives plenty of volume.

£79.00 full set

£42.00 Half set

£38.00 Infill ( every 2-3 weeks )


Individual Technique

Applying one synthetic lash to every individual natural lash we can create a subtle to fuller look depending on the thickness and length used

£60.00 full set ( £33.00 infill every 2-3 weeks )

£38.00 half set ( infill every 2-3 weeks )



Lash Maintenance

Keep your lashes at their very best, infill maintenance every 2-3 weeks, on all of ourlash techniques.                                                                                                    



Lash Extension Removal

if your lashes have come to the end of their cycle and there is some remaining that you would like removed.            



LVL - Lift

Volume Length- lifting natural lashes from the root creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus the added lash tint creates a mascara style effect, so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up. Ideal for those clients seeking a more natural look. The effects are instant and last 6 to 8 weeks. *Patch test required.

£45.00 one person

     £80.00 two person (same time)


HD Brows

This treatment is much more than just eyebrow shaping, this tailored procedure transforms the most unruly, sparse or over plucked brows into the perfect brows to suit you.It’s absolutely exclusive as we assess the shape of your face and colouring before creating your bespoke brow. Consisting of tinting, waxing and threading with stylists using a specifically designed formula giving you the perfectly formed brows. Our expert stylists will work with you on a regrowth programme to achieve your desired look. We also retail the HD Brow makeup to further enhance your brows, your stylist will apply and show you how to achieve your desired look. *Patch test required.

First Treatment £25.00




Eyebrow Tidy enhance your natural brow shape



Eyebrow Tint makes your brows look fuller and thicker, also covers those greys



Eyebrow Tint & Tiday



Eyelash Tint creates more definition and appearance of longer, thicker lashes.                            £14.00

*All tinting requires a patch test


Henna Brow a revolutionary treatment in brow industry! Organic and lasts 2-4 weeks on the hair and the skin giving a makeup look that lasts. Henna Brow powder is an essential product for our brow specialists as they groom the brow using the latest waxing & threading techniques. With a range of beautiful deep colours which will create the perfect full brow you have been craving.

*patch test required

£35.00 two people £60.00


*All tinting requires a patch test