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File and Polish for hands or feet 

The nails free edge is filed and shaped to suit. Then a colour from our luxury Vinylux range is chosen and applied to the nails.

(Must arrive with bare nails)                            

20min £15.00


CND Express Manicure or Pedicure

Clipping away unwanted length off the nail and filling them into shape. We then soften and tidy the cuticles. Allowing us to apply a very neat and tidy Vinylux polish to the nails.

30min  £19.50


CND Luxury Spa Manicure

 Includes the express manicure, we then exfoliate the hands gently polishing the skin followed by a deeply conditioning masque. A silky smooth hand lotion is massaged in leaving them baby soft and smelling oh-so-sweet. Finish with a colour of your choice to the nails.

1hr £35.00


CND Luxury Spa Pedicure 

An inspired systemborn of the sea. Marine botanicals & sea salts energise. Quarts crystals and menthol cools. Designed to refresh and revitalise tired feet. Tidies the nails and cuticles, removes dead skin cells, exfoliates, massages and hydrates the skin on the foot and leg. Finishes with a nail colour of your choice.

1hr £35.00


Shellac Manicure or Pedicure 

Starts with the express treatment a gel varnish is then applied that lasts up to 2 weeks without chipping. Instantly dry so you do not have to worry about smudges.

45min £25.00

Hands & Feet £47.00


Twinkle Toes 

Put a little twinkle in your step by adding some shimmer and sparkle to your Shellac manicure or pedicure.

45mins £24.00

Hands & Feet £45.00


Gel Overlay Soak Off 

We can remove gel colours prior to your next treatment from as little as    



Gel Overlay Soak Off Upgrade

Tidies  the nails & cuticles. A rehydrating protein and cuticle oil is applied to maximise nail health.

30 min £15.00



Extend your unique style to your fingertips, a foil nail application that will adda pop of pattern or a burst of colour to your fingertips or toes. Includes shaping of the nails and tidying of the cuticles.

     45mins £25.00


Nail Art 

The possibilities are endless          

from £3.00



Nailtiques Manicure

A specialised treatment designed to dramatically improves ones nail conditions. Your therapist will personalise this treatment to suit your needs. This luxury manicure includes file, cuticle removal, exfoliation, application of nourishing cream mask, hand massage & warming mitts. A prescribed protein will then be applied which you will take home to follow on your after-care treatment. 

45mins £35.00